Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Bourjois Mineral Radiance - a Mac Mineralize Natural Skinfinish dupe?

Very interesting stuff- I have been lusting over this powder ever since I read the review on Make up to make out and quite frankly it sounds perfect.

Hang on, here's an image:


Firstly it is -CHEAP - arguably, at a mere 8 pounds in comparison to - any- decent powder, really, it is more than reasonable. Especially compared to the MAC which was the one I had been considering before.

It is furthermore- MINERAL. Or at least claims to contain 'some' minerals. Better than none, I would say. I know I shouldn't buy into this mineral rubbish but I feel so much better about applying the stuff liberally onto my face when I think it's allegedly 'good' for my skin.

What's more- its PRESSED! After more or less 2 years of practiced exhaling through my nose while applying my Erth Minerals Moth Veil and still snorting some of that rubbish (as well as limitiations with touching up) I have decided that I never want to use loose powder again. Load of bollocks- that's what 'one' might say.

Though I can't find this on makeupalley, and certainly I've only found one proper user review- so... basically it would be, ahem, cool. If anybody would just clue me in as to the quality of this stuff.


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