Sunday, 19 June 2011

Review: Laneige Water Bank Essence

So this I guess is one of those awkward, 'hi guys, how've you been, I really can't blame my recent absence other than pure, all consuming laziness' posts...

Laneige seems to be quite in fashion lately... I don't really know what brought this about, probably all the updated EX versions, and everybody loves their water bank night treatment (I like it but prefer the perfect renew with the powder-- review on that later). So I thought I would just clamber onto the bandwagon. Ahem.

So, what do I look for in an essence?

1) Softness
2) Hydration
Thing is, I really don't know. The bottle is all promising and blue, I press it into my skin and it absorbs, like, straight away. My skin doesn't get dry (but it didn't really pre-serum either) and I just sort of feel like this is definitely good for my skin, even though I don't notice anything. As though this works in mysterious, undetectable, but infinitely good ways (anything else with that description come to mind?). So er, I feel as though I must continue using it, even though I haven't been noticing a big difference.

Actually, come to think of it. This does make a difference, I think. Prior to this I used the aquamoist whitening serum, and that was a sticky, pointless affair. And, you know what, come to think of it, my skin does seem more balanced and soft compared to back then, when my routine was different.

Then again, I've changed a lot of products around, so can we give the essence all the credit? Hm...

In asia they talk about this water-oil balance, as in giving your skin more hydration in the form of water will prevent it from overcompensating by spewing out oil. And I do think my skin is more balanced, so maybe this works! I want to believe that.

3) Texture
So pictured above is a pic of the serum spread out (one on the right hand side) that I got off (thank you!!). So as you can see the texture is quite gel based and watery etc. It always seems quite cool to the touch for some reason in spite of the fact that it is freaking 40 degrees every single day in the summer, which is lovely.

I just pat it on my face, warm it a bit, it absorbs like a dream. So all in all 5/5 for texture.

4) Longevity
By 'longevity' I mean the longevity of the EFFECTS, which are reasonable etc. I don't see the effects waning much at all until I wash my face. I guess my T zone oils up a bit over the day, but I'm happy to blame the grimy city of Hong Kong for that. My skin stays quite oil free, soft, and not dry a good part of 8 hours, maybe? All in all, good longevity.

5) 'Special effects'
I always bought into the notion that serums were used to attain whitening effects or increase elasticity or something, because hydration always just seemed like a basic task that could be accomplished by cheaper products like moisturizer. Indeed it would be fair to say that this essence does not brighten the skin, however I do believe in the 'deeper conditioning' claims it makes, and I don't know if this is placebo or what but I feel like my skin is moist from within and the moistness is beginning to spread outwards.

OVERALL VERDICT: I really like this product, even though most of that fondness is based on what is probably the placebo effect. It's a good basic product that hydrates your skin with a lovely texture. Worth trying!

Hard to say. Mixed reviews on this one, I guess, some people rave, others say meh. Few say break out, which is always nice.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Body Shop Sale: 50% +!

chicas, you must all love the Body Shop as much as I do.
I mean, what's not to love?
It always smells phenomenal, it's eco-friendly (no animal testing, fair trade) and smells like heaven every time you saunter by.

I can never resist stepping in just to feel the silk smooth eyeshadows or to use some of their phenomenal hemp hand cream.

ANYWAY, point is! It is very much on sale. Fifty Percent or more! No joke. Eyeshadows for like 3 pounds, etc etc.

What stands out to me is the cellulite massager for 3.75 (which my sister swears by) and the body mask to go with it... (as well as all the half price body butters)


Saturday, 27 June 2009

Review: Boots Tinted Lipsalve... Not bad for 97p!

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I have serious, SERIOUS lipbalm addiction. I'm one of those girls who cannot imagine life or even an hour without my lipbalm. Asa result I have multiple, keep them everywhere, bring one with me everywhere (watching telly, loo, whatever).

So you can imagine my distraught when I realized that I had to go 2 hours without it. I had lost my blistex daily conditioner in a tub (not a real pity- the stuff is pretty rubbish), my carmex cherry was at home, and, in my panic, rushed into boots.

I didn't want to spend too much money on lipbalm and settled for a cheap and chic Boots Essential Lip Salve. I had been intrigued by this previously but this time I took the plunge and splashed out the grand total of 97p for this stuff (using my boots points as well!).

Of course, I read the claims and instructions (non existent, really) of it. There are ingredients but they mean nothing to me.

Claims: enhances your natural lip colour, protects and moisturises lips, dermatologically tested

(with a long list of ingredients which i don't understand and thus have neglected to type out- doing chemistry next year, though, so maybe I'll know more then). That being said, I do recognize a couple of pretty terrible things to look out for being: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, a foaming agent but also a chemical irritant that causes ulcers especially when in toothpaste. And, obviously, talc- for all sorts of reasons.

So, what would I rate it? I would say kind of... a 5. With 9 being Carmex Original (taking points off here for lack of SPF) and 1 being one of those shitty shiseido water lip things that have too runny a consistency to be of any use.

Why? Well, it has a cute packaging. It's in a baby pink tube, it's cheap (compared to alternatives). I like that it's in a stick form. Easier to apply, fits better in your handbag, doesn't melt like vaseline and change shape... Doesn't melt in your pocket and leak... Can apply even when fingers are all grimy, etc.

BUT! It's not great. The moisture does not seem to last. There's no SPF. Nor is there any scent whatseover- which is great, actually. I hate it when they put really overpowering scents in to a lipbalm that just ruins the effect of the smell of your body gel and perfume and lotion.... It's too much. (As a matter of fact I think everything should smell neutral except for perfume)

So, if you want decent moisture for roughly the same price I would really opt Vaseline (though this isn't as shiny and oily and gives your lips a barely-there tint of purply pink which surprisingly looks nice). I would also opt vaseline in the winter when there was little to no chance of it melting and going weird. In the meantime, this will do.

Monday, 22 June 2009

First day of work experience: Feeling abysmal

I don't, actually think I could possibly have had a worse day.
Work experience was terrible. A mixture of dullness and wanting to scream at the spastic nature the dewy decimal system is arranged at my school.

Then you get the awkward glances and lower years asking "why are you still here?" and you wonder to yourself- why am I still here?

Then, after a solitary walk back to the house- alone- and greeted with unwelcoming stares, you realise that the sole beacon of hope for your summer- the summer programme you had applied to had rejected you because you were approximately fourty days too young.

(And, what's more, you haven't applied to anything else!)

God, I want to cry. I didn't feel this upset after any exam because of the voice in my head telling me that 'it will be fun afterwards!' I realize now that it will not be fun. It will be abysmal. The years of looking forward to having something brilliant and fun to do during the Summer- and getting to know some new people.... has shattered. I just looked at all these pages of things I could have applied to (and their very over deadlines) and, god. How did I manage to get myself into this very sticky situation?

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Hehehe I know- slightly self indulgent. This blog, after all, is not supposed to be (purely) about myself.

It really is kind of brilliant, isn't it? I'm finally beginning to realize that- there really are not going to be exams for... a while.

I've spent the past weekend stretched out on the couch of my common room, lazing around (I go to boarding school- no comments about being a posh totty please I assure you I do not conform to the stereotype... much) and watching movies, non stop.

And, well. Quite frankly, this is the life!
(or so I try to tell myself)

I cannot hide from this any longer. I have to admit that my soul is shrivelling of boredom. No number of chick flicks can repress my burning desire to ... do something productive!

Crazy, I know.
After, say, the fourth film (in a row), I just kind of wither. Is that weird or what? My brain switches off and I itch to, perhaps, do something that is relatively meaningful. Do something different, at least. (Here I am, blogging).
I'm glad that tomorrow there will be some work experience.
Admittedly, working at the school library will probably not be the most- entertaining experience of my life, but. Well, it must be better than this.

I am facing a dilemna, though. Now that my entire year (save for two other girls who both have work experience- outside of school) has departed, who am I going to sit next to at lunch?
I can envision myself sitting in a toilet, Cady in Mean Girls style.

Oh dear.

Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner: Perfection for 4.39!

That question, you know, the 'what piece of make up would you bring with you on a desert island' question?
For me, has always been Pencil Eyeliner.

The pencil eyeliner.

My HG. Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Teak.

I don't know. Ever since I've discovered eyeliners I have been absolutely infatuated with them. The remarkable eye definition that results from two quick and easy strokes. The cat flicks (which I believe I have, of late, mastered- I'll do a post on that soon).

The variety.
The differences between lining the waterline, and not. The colours. The shades! The different effects. (This ranges from goth chick to glamourous)
I'm just one of those people who feel naked without eyeliner. And I've tried them all. From Estee Lauder to Za. And this is my favourite.

Swatches can be found here.

So, what's so great about it?

Well; let's start with a list of things I look for in an eyeliner:
1) easy to apply, smooth2) smudgeable for a few seconds before it sets3) Doesn't wear off, doesn't smudge off4) doesn't crease

Which this delivers! My favourite colour is Teakwood- a beautiful brown with muted red undertones which goes perfectly with my warm skin tone and brown eyes.

It gives a thick line- even when sharpened, which, for me, is perfect (though some might prefer a thinner line).

The application is great. It applies like a dream. No more dragging or tugging. The struggle between your eyeliner pencil and your eyelid, will, essentially, be over once you urchse this.

It stays- more than most eyeliner pencils. I don't truly mind that it smudges. If I want precision I opt for a liquid eyeliner. This smudges attractively. Like it was supposed to be smudged.

Hm- what else. Ah, the packaging is pretty cute too. And it's really quite affordable in the grand scale of things. It takes forever to use up more or less any sharpening eyeliner, and this costs a mere 4 pounds 39 p.


Friday, 19 June 2009

A Review: The Sleek Original Eyeshadow Palette

The Sleek Palette. Last year, round about this time, I was subject to a LOT of hype about this baby.

I think I stumbled across a thread on Specktra- and I was hooked.

This palette is advertised to be 'mineral based' and at roughly 5 pounds, really quite a bargain.

I got the original. Best colours- I reckon. A mixture of vibrant purples, shimmery pinks and yellows and some GREENS (I know this blog is still at its early stages- but- I LOVE GREEN)
So, how was it?

Well- the packaging

Hm- not really my thing. But it was black on the outside with the word 'sleek' on it in glossy writing. Slightly- dare I say it- tacky. Yeah, it was tacky. Just a tad.

the texture

I was definitely most excited about the texture. I had envisioned like a silky, smooth shadow that went on like a dream- and indeed a bit part of this did. If you used your finger it just smoothed onto your skin. Lovely, basically.

But that being said I wouldn't quite compare it to, say, Urban Decay (which is silky but really tightly packed). This is advertised as being 'pressed mineral powder' and the truth is- it isn't really that pressed.

My local superdrug did not stock this so I had to get it on a website- in fact and even then it was out of stock for like three weeks (like I said, lots of hype). It was fine, you know I had to pay an extra 3 pounds for delivery so it totalled to a hefty 8 pounds- which was not as good a deal as it could have been, but for that about of shadows 8 pounds is really quite okay.

Anyway, when my package arrived, one of the shadows (the olive-y green) was shattered beyond repair and many others were really quite loose. So it goes on a bit loose and chalky, which I hate. Other than that, though...


Mmmm, lovely. Really very pigmented. Unlike my Gosh palette which was pigmented on the tester, this was really the real deal.

How long did it last?

Well, it stayed on my eyelid forever (without base) so that was good- didn't really need a base really, it was very pigmented.

And, um, I've had it for ages now, use it frequently but can't see it being used up anytime soon. But like I said- because the powder is so loosely packed you use a lot more product each time.


Would I reccomend it? For beginners, or people used to drugstore make up, I guess I would. I mean I was ecstatic about this to begin with but all the bronzey colours did not work so I basically bought this palette for the blues, the purple and the green. They're all great. The others-- not so much.

Would I buy it again? I doubt it. I'm trying to phase myself into maybe higher end make up anyways. So I'd probably get a couple of MAC shadows or perhaps one of those little Urban Decay shadows- quite fancying the Ammo palette, actually...
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