Sunday, 21 June 2009


Hehehe I know- slightly self indulgent. This blog, after all, is not supposed to be (purely) about myself.

It really is kind of brilliant, isn't it? I'm finally beginning to realize that- there really are not going to be exams for... a while.

I've spent the past weekend stretched out on the couch of my common room, lazing around (I go to boarding school- no comments about being a posh totty please I assure you I do not conform to the stereotype... much) and watching movies, non stop.

And, well. Quite frankly, this is the life!
(or so I try to tell myself)

I cannot hide from this any longer. I have to admit that my soul is shrivelling of boredom. No number of chick flicks can repress my burning desire to ... do something productive!

Crazy, I know.
After, say, the fourth film (in a row), I just kind of wither. Is that weird or what? My brain switches off and I itch to, perhaps, do something that is relatively meaningful. Do something different, at least. (Here I am, blogging).
I'm glad that tomorrow there will be some work experience.
Admittedly, working at the school library will probably not be the most- entertaining experience of my life, but. Well, it must be better than this.

I am facing a dilemna, though. Now that my entire year (save for two other girls who both have work experience- outside of school) has departed, who am I going to sit next to at lunch?
I can envision myself sitting in a toilet, Cady in Mean Girls style.

Oh dear.


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