Sunday, 21 June 2009

Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner: Perfection for 4.39!

That question, you know, the 'what piece of make up would you bring with you on a desert island' question?
For me, has always been Pencil Eyeliner.

The pencil eyeliner.

My HG. Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Teak.

I don't know. Ever since I've discovered eyeliners I have been absolutely infatuated with them. The remarkable eye definition that results from two quick and easy strokes. The cat flicks (which I believe I have, of late, mastered- I'll do a post on that soon).

The variety.
The differences between lining the waterline, and not. The colours. The shades! The different effects. (This ranges from goth chick to glamourous)
I'm just one of those people who feel naked without eyeliner. And I've tried them all. From Estee Lauder to Za. And this is my favourite.

Swatches can be found here.

So, what's so great about it?

Well; let's start with a list of things I look for in an eyeliner:
1) easy to apply, smooth2) smudgeable for a few seconds before it sets3) Doesn't wear off, doesn't smudge off4) doesn't crease

Which this delivers! My favourite colour is Teakwood- a beautiful brown with muted red undertones which goes perfectly with my warm skin tone and brown eyes.

It gives a thick line- even when sharpened, which, for me, is perfect (though some might prefer a thinner line).

The application is great. It applies like a dream. No more dragging or tugging. The struggle between your eyeliner pencil and your eyelid, will, essentially, be over once you urchse this.

It stays- more than most eyeliner pencils. I don't truly mind that it smudges. If I want precision I opt for a liquid eyeliner. This smudges attractively. Like it was supposed to be smudged.

Hm- what else. Ah, the packaging is pretty cute too. And it's really quite affordable in the grand scale of things. It takes forever to use up more or less any sharpening eyeliner, and this costs a mere 4 pounds 39 p.



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