Friday, 19 June 2009

A Review: The Sleek Original Eyeshadow Palette

The Sleek Palette. Last year, round about this time, I was subject to a LOT of hype about this baby.

I think I stumbled across a thread on Specktra- and I was hooked.

This palette is advertised to be 'mineral based' and at roughly 5 pounds, really quite a bargain.

I got the original. Best colours- I reckon. A mixture of vibrant purples, shimmery pinks and yellows and some GREENS (I know this blog is still at its early stages- but- I LOVE GREEN)
So, how was it?

Well- the packaging

Hm- not really my thing. But it was black on the outside with the word 'sleek' on it in glossy writing. Slightly- dare I say it- tacky. Yeah, it was tacky. Just a tad.

the texture

I was definitely most excited about the texture. I had envisioned like a silky, smooth shadow that went on like a dream- and indeed a bit part of this did. If you used your finger it just smoothed onto your skin. Lovely, basically.

But that being said I wouldn't quite compare it to, say, Urban Decay (which is silky but really tightly packed). This is advertised as being 'pressed mineral powder' and the truth is- it isn't really that pressed.

My local superdrug did not stock this so I had to get it on a website- in fact and even then it was out of stock for like three weeks (like I said, lots of hype). It was fine, you know I had to pay an extra 3 pounds for delivery so it totalled to a hefty 8 pounds- which was not as good a deal as it could have been, but for that about of shadows 8 pounds is really quite okay.

Anyway, when my package arrived, one of the shadows (the olive-y green) was shattered beyond repair and many others were really quite loose. So it goes on a bit loose and chalky, which I hate. Other than that, though...


Mmmm, lovely. Really very pigmented. Unlike my Gosh palette which was pigmented on the tester, this was really the real deal.

How long did it last?

Well, it stayed on my eyelid forever (without base) so that was good- didn't really need a base really, it was very pigmented.

And, um, I've had it for ages now, use it frequently but can't see it being used up anytime soon. But like I said- because the powder is so loosely packed you use a lot more product each time.


Would I reccomend it? For beginners, or people used to drugstore make up, I guess I would. I mean I was ecstatic about this to begin with but all the bronzey colours did not work so I basically bought this palette for the blues, the purple and the green. They're all great. The others-- not so much.

Would I buy it again? I doubt it. I'm trying to phase myself into maybe higher end make up anyways. So I'd probably get a couple of MAC shadows or perhaps one of those little Urban Decay shadows- quite fancying the Ammo palette, actually...


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