Monday, 22 June 2009

First day of work experience: Feeling abysmal

I don't, actually think I could possibly have had a worse day.
Work experience was terrible. A mixture of dullness and wanting to scream at the spastic nature the dewy decimal system is arranged at my school.

Then you get the awkward glances and lower years asking "why are you still here?" and you wonder to yourself- why am I still here?

Then, after a solitary walk back to the house- alone- and greeted with unwelcoming stares, you realise that the sole beacon of hope for your summer- the summer programme you had applied to had rejected you because you were approximately fourty days too young.

(And, what's more, you haven't applied to anything else!)

God, I want to cry. I didn't feel this upset after any exam because of the voice in my head telling me that 'it will be fun afterwards!' I realize now that it will not be fun. It will be abysmal. The years of looking forward to having something brilliant and fun to do during the Summer- and getting to know some new people.... has shattered. I just looked at all these pages of things I could have applied to (and their very over deadlines) and, god. How did I manage to get myself into this very sticky situation?


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