Saturday, 27 June 2009

Review: Boots Tinted Lipsalve... Not bad for 97p!

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I have serious, SERIOUS lipbalm addiction. I'm one of those girls who cannot imagine life or even an hour without my lipbalm. Asa result I have multiple, keep them everywhere, bring one with me everywhere (watching telly, loo, whatever).

So you can imagine my distraught when I realized that I had to go 2 hours without it. I had lost my blistex daily conditioner in a tub (not a real pity- the stuff is pretty rubbish), my carmex cherry was at home, and, in my panic, rushed into boots.

I didn't want to spend too much money on lipbalm and settled for a cheap and chic Boots Essential Lip Salve. I had been intrigued by this previously but this time I took the plunge and splashed out the grand total of 97p for this stuff (using my boots points as well!).

Of course, I read the claims and instructions (non existent, really) of it. There are ingredients but they mean nothing to me.

Claims: enhances your natural lip colour, protects and moisturises lips, dermatologically tested

(with a long list of ingredients which i don't understand and thus have neglected to type out- doing chemistry next year, though, so maybe I'll know more then). That being said, I do recognize a couple of pretty terrible things to look out for being: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, a foaming agent but also a chemical irritant that causes ulcers especially when in toothpaste. And, obviously, talc- for all sorts of reasons.

So, what would I rate it? I would say kind of... a 5. With 9 being Carmex Original (taking points off here for lack of SPF) and 1 being one of those shitty shiseido water lip things that have too runny a consistency to be of any use.

Why? Well, it has a cute packaging. It's in a baby pink tube, it's cheap (compared to alternatives). I like that it's in a stick form. Easier to apply, fits better in your handbag, doesn't melt like vaseline and change shape... Doesn't melt in your pocket and leak... Can apply even when fingers are all grimy, etc.

BUT! It's not great. The moisture does not seem to last. There's no SPF. Nor is there any scent whatseover- which is great, actually. I hate it when they put really overpowering scents in to a lipbalm that just ruins the effect of the smell of your body gel and perfume and lotion.... It's too much. (As a matter of fact I think everything should smell neutral except for perfume)

So, if you want decent moisture for roughly the same price I would really opt Vaseline (though this isn't as shiny and oily and gives your lips a barely-there tint of purply pink which surprisingly looks nice). I would also opt vaseline in the winter when there was little to no chance of it melting and going weird. In the meantime, this will do.


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