Saturday, 6 June 2009

Blacklisted: L'Oreal Double Extension Mascara... DOUBLE DISASTER!

Before I purchased this, I scoured high and low for reviews-- to no avail!

I came, hence, to the conclusion that it was unpopular- and rightly so. This mascara is absolute rubbish.

RATING: 2/10

AVAILABILTY: availabe at Boots, etc. for approximately 7/8 pounds

PACKAGING: gold on one side and white the other (unlike the image included mine is non-waterproof). It has been a 'new formula' for as long as it has been available... (a while...). The white side is apparently 'Fortifying Base Coat with Ceramide R'- whatever Ceramide R is... while the Gold side is 'Ultra- Lengthening Mascara'

WHAT IT SHOULD DO: As with all good mascaras, what I am looking for is something that:
1)holds a curl
2)stays- doesn't smudge or flake
3)doesn't clump
4)doesn't cause my lashes to fall out
5)lengthens my lashes OR volumising- i won't even ask for separation

DOES IT DELIVER? In a word: no.
Though it does seem to make your lashes visibly longer and thicker, it also clumps like a maniac. I don't think I've ever, as a matter of fact, used a mascara this clumpy- as well as one that is so heavy your lashes come dragging down and - okay- doesn't smudge in the current climate, but if it was sunny and humid, definitely would.

Admittedly, I do realise that I don't have the patience to wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat and so I get grey lashes when I use this- but today I took the time. And it was not worth it. Equal clumping.

Also, this stuff irritates my eyes (in or out of contact lenses) to no end! And my eyes aren't even easily irritated.

FINAL VERDICT: don't get this! It's a load of sh*t. Instead, spend your mula on worthier mascaras such as the Max Factor Masterpiece (which costs, like, 9 quid)


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